Extra service

Besides high-quality oral care, we offer you a number of extra services. We do this because we believe it’s very important that you always know what to expect, because when it comes to healthcare you don’t want surprises.


We offer:

  • Financial advice:

We draw up an indicative estimate with you before the start of a treatment. We then examine to what extent the treatment will be reimbursed by your insurance company. If you are under-insured, we will discuss with you what the best options may be for you. Where necessary, a long-term treatment plan will be drawn up, so that together with you we have an indication of the upcoming treatments and we can take your personal circumstances into account.

  • Calls for check-ups:

“Prevention is better than cure”. Prevention of cavities and gum disease is one of the most important pillars of our group practice. So, you don’t have to worry about your next check-up appointment. We will notify you by letter, phone and email when it is time for your six-monthly check-up.

  • Appointment reminder:

We believe it’s very important that you are seen on time. We will call you three days in advance to remind you of your appointment and send you a text message the day before to remind you.*

* We will do our utmost to remind you of your appointment, but it is possible that due to circumstances we may not be able to remind you of your appointment in time. If you have not received a telephone or text message, this does NOT mean that your appointment will not take place. No rights can be derived from these extra services.